Walking in the Endert Valley near Cochem - Mosel

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We have a long walk planned for today, so we have an early breakfast. Fortunately the parking for this hike is about 10 kilometers away and it takes us 10 minutes to get there. We park at the parking lot of hotel Weißmühle which is at the end of the Enderttal near Cochem.

We start our walk by going back to the L 98, the Endertstrasse, and follow the road for a short period of time. We take the hiking path on the left side into the forest. The path is directly hairpin bends uphill. On this steep hillside and on the very small track is really no room for fear of highest. The path is small and covered in beech leaves which Sandra really dislikes. But after a steep climb of about 200 meters, the walking path becomes flatter.

The First part of the hike is through forest. We walk through unspoiled nature with here and there a nice view over the hills around the Mosel. On the nice Saturday there are almost no other walkers and the only person we come across on is a logger. We find a bench with an amazing view and the bench is really suitable for lunch. After the long climb this is the first bench we find, so we are really enjoying it. We continue our walk through the forest. Once we arrive at the top, we continue through meadows. We pass Greimersburg on a distance in the direction of Kloster Maria Martental. Since we are early in the spring season there is nothing growing on the fields yet. These empty fields look sad, but it gives amazing views of the surroundings. When we leave the field behind, we use every little bit of shadows along the treelines. We pass a part of the forest where a lot of logging has been done. It looks like a mess and it doesn't make the view any better. And also due logging activities the path is partly destroyed. When we arrive on a tarmac road we spot a bench and take a rest. There aren't many benches along this route, so use the once you see.

We continue our walk in the direction of Kloster Maria Martental. Near the monastery the walking path is not visible. Again due to logging activities they have managed to make the walking path invisible! After a short search we finally find the descending path.
We finally arrive at the Enderttal. The first part of the descent through the Enderttal is quite exciting. The wet stones with beech leaf create slipperiness. But luckily the slippery part is not very long. We continue to walk along the Edertbach; with we will follow for the rest of the walk.

The walk through the Enderttal is very divers and is descending slowly. We cross the L 100 where another parking area is for walking through the Enderttal. There are some houses build along the Endertbach. There are really some people witch want to life so isolated. It is very busy at the only restaurant along the root, so we decide to walk further. We find a large stone where we have a rest. There is really a problem with the amount of benches in the Enderttal. Finally we see in the distance hotel Weißmühle which means that we have arrived at our car.
The walk is, for its length, very divers. There are a few part with are a bit boring. But due to its length, the walk is not easy. And there is only one place to buy something to eat, so you have to bring you own food and drinks. The walk is really recommended though. The Enderttal is one of nicest valleys in the region of the Mosel, near Cochem in Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany.

Length: 22.3 km
Height difference: approximate 700 m climbing and descending

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