Walking along the Mosel in Germany

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For a short holiday we decide to travel to Cochem in Germany. We have made reservations for a hotel with view of the Mosel and have found several hikes with views of the Mosel. Our hotel is walking distance away from Cochem in Sehl in the province Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany. We drive to several circular walks and enjoy the region of the Mosel during this short holiday.

The Mosel is a River which has its origin in France in de Vosges. It enters Germany through Luxembourg and finally ends in the Rhine near Koblenz. The touristic part of the Mosel starts near Trier. Between Trier and Cochem lies the most winding part of the Mosel and are the mountainsides most steeply.

There are a lot of walking routes along the Mosel. There is for everyone a suitable one. Most of the walks have views over the Mosel and the many castles in the area. We have walked to the Endert Vally, near Alf and at the Bleidenberg.
You can rest in one of the many villages along the Mosel during or after your hikes. Most of the villages have traditional buildings. Or you can visit one of the many wineries in the region. Along the Mosel lie many wine fields and every village has a wine store. We manly walked in the region of the Mosel, but there are many more possibilities for a holiday.

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