Circular walk near Wershofen - Walking in the Eifel

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We drive in the morning from our hotel in Adenau towards Wershofen. At the end of Wershofen is a parking coordinate. When we arrived at the parking coordinates we could not really find a parking space so we park our car along the road. We put on our hiking boots and go for a walk on this sunny but cold Sunday.

We walk on a dirt road toward the woods near Wershofen. Here we descend to the Armuthsbach in Wershofen in the Eifel. We cross the Armuthsbach and continue our walk along the other side of the Bach. The Armuthsbach meanders through the beautiful landscape of the Eifel and we both enjoy the walk. We arrive at the intersection of the Armuthsbach and Bröhlingerbach. Here we walk along the banks of the Bröhlingerbach. We turn left and walk up towards the L 74. Along the way we have a nice lunch bench to where we enjoy a view of Hümmel in the Eifel in Germany. We walk over grassland where we encounter many mice traces. The mice have left deep traces in the meadows in the Eifel and we see some mice running very fast before our feet.

After we have crossed the L 74, we walk through the woods along the Bornerbach. Here we see two roe deer run past on this quiet Sunday morning. The great advantage of hiking in the Eifel is that you often see big game. We cross the Armuthsbach and continue our walk through the forest. Here it is just finding the right path. Partly because foresters have tree pruning left on the walking trail. Eventually we find the right walking path and walk uphill. We are different benches in the sun with a nice view of the Eifel. In the summer we are always looking for benches in the shade but in winter we like the benches in the sun. We walk to the highest point of the walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the Eifel.

Along Ohlenhard we walk further back towards the town Wershofen in the Eifel. We descend along a nice, deeply carved stream. The stream is small, but very deep. We walk on the dirt road in the forest uphill again. Also here we have beautiful views between the trees included the Aremberg. The trail is partly muddy, due to foresters, but it can be walked well. Once on the top we find on a bench and we are enjoying the view over Wershofen in the Eifel. Then we walk through the open fields back to the car at the edge of Wershofen. At the chapel we catch the last bit of sun during this walking weekend in the Eifel before we leave and drive back to the Netherlands.

This walk Wershofen in the Eifel is very varied. You walk through the woods, through open fields and past pretty villages. During this tour are several points where you have beautiful views of the Eifel. There are also plenty of benches where you can have a break and enjoy the view of the Eifel. Along the way we encountered no restaurants. So you should bring your own food and drink. The footpaths are some parts the same height as the streams. This allows the trails to overflow or get muddy, so waterproof shoes are highly recommended.

Length: 14.6 km
Altitude: 300 m

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