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The The weather is for the first time in July better and we are excited to go for a hike. After a short search we find a walk we have planned before. But the original Traumpfade Nette-Schieferpfad is only 9.2 km long and that is a bit short for days walk. But we find an extension on the original Traumpfade Nette-Schieferpfad that is in total almost 18 km long. We take both track logs and leave early in the morning to Trimbs. Trimbs is a small village between the A 61 and the A 48 near Mending in Germany.

At 9:15 we park our car on the outskirts of the village of Trimbs. It is an unofficial parking for the Traumpfade, but it is for us on route. The official parking is at the other site of the village.
We start the walk by crossing the street. We walk through the open fields uphill and catch the first view of the environment of the Traumpfade Nette-Schieferpfad. Because it is a Traumpfade the marking along the road is excellent. We walk over limestone and pass an old limestone cave. We follow the route and cross the water. Here we hear a waterfall in the Nette. From this point on we follow the Nette for quite a while.

The walking path is slowly uphill. And there is a small walking path turning right where the Traumpfade runs straight. We turn right and walk an extra part along the bank of the Nette and through the Nettetal. The first part of the extension is a bit swampy, but it is beautiful though. When we pass a big meadow it is time to walk back towards the Traumpfade Nette-Schieferpfad. We walk a gravel road uphill and see a couple of dears.

After this nice extension we arrive back at the Traumpfade Nette-Schieferpfad. We follow the walking path again and enter a tunnel. Just before the second tunnel the walking path turns left. We walk uphill towards Burgkopf. We walk to the viewpoint and are lucky. The bench is free and we have lunch with a stunning view.

We descend to the village Trimbs and walk over the official parking. We continue walking along the Nettetal again to the bank of the Nette. The nature is still beautiful. When the Traumpfade turns left uphill we continue straight on and walk the second extension of the hike. We cross the Nette and walk through a meadow into the forest. In the forest we take the bridle uphill. The walking path is a bit steep and there are a lot of blackberries besides the walking path. But after a short climb we arrive at the open fields. We walk between the open fields and have a nice view over the surrounding of Trimbs. Crossing the fields we come across a shelter.

We continue our walk over a gravel road and cross the water. There is a small part of tarmac but soon we arrive at the gravel road. We turn left and walk again towards the Traumpfade Nette-Schieferpfad. This time we follow the official route until the car. We climb 40 meters up and have a nice view over Welling and Trimbs. From here we descend and walk uphill towards our car.

The Traumpfade Nette-Schieferpfad is a very nice circular walk. The nature in de surrounding of Nette and the Nettetal is very beautiful. The Traumpfade are well maintained, well marked and there are enough benches along the route. If you find 17.5 km a bit far, you can easily follow the official route of 9.2 km. Only in Trimbs is the possibility to buy some food or drinks.

Length: 17.5 km of 9.2 km
Height difference: 400 m

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