Circular walk along the Nohnerbach and Trierbach near Nohn - Walking in the Eifel

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We depart for a walking weekend in January to Adenau in the Eifel in Germany. Finally after three weeks of rain they predict a nice weekend. And we both are looking forward to a walking weekend in the Eifel. We book a hotel in Adenau and Saturday morning we depart early in the morning towards the Eifel.
The first hike we want to do this weekend is near the village Nohn in the Eifel in Germany. This nice round walk runs along the Nohnerbach and Trier Bach. Early in the morning we park our car in a bend of the L 72 between Wirft and Trierscheid. We put on our walking shoes and start the walk. We immediately see a warning sign that the hunting season is not yet closed and remember that we do have the necessary precautions, including a whistle.

We walk along the Nohnerbach and have many different scenic views. We also see several hunting cabins, each one more beautiful and bigger than the other. Fortunately, all hunter cabins empty, and we walk along the Nohnerbach. We cross the K 85 in the Eifel and walk towards Nohn. We walk underneath the village and arrive at an intersection of trails and roads. Here we are cross the bridge to a beautiful view point just outside the village Nohn in the Eifel in Germany. We walk back and cross the bridge again. We continue our walk along the Nohnerbach. Along the way several tributaries contribute to the Nohnerbach making it with every stream a little bit bigger. The water level in the Nohnerbach is very high, due to much rainfall. And it is visible on some pieces during the walk. The Nohnerbach is scattered broadened and meanders through the landscape of the Eifel.

Near the village Borler we leave the trail along the Nohnerbach and continue our walking route through the forest. Here we see the remains of a volcanic eruption of long ago. We cross the L 72 and walk in the direction of the Trierbach. The Trierbach meanders through the beautiful landscape, though less visible than the Nohnerbach. Yet the Trierbach is also a nice flow to walk along. The Trierbach is also very high for this time of year. And therefore the path is very muddy, given the walking path is at the same height as the Trierbach. We walk through the landscape of the Eifel along the Trierbach back in the direction of the car. Unfortunately, there is no bench the last 9 km of the round walk. Fortunately, a couple of sawed trees are an outcome and we have a last break. After our break we walk back to the car. After a nice long walk we drive to the hotel in Adenau.

The walk is very nice and varied. You walk through forests, past open fields and along beautiful view points in the Eifel. The first 12 km there are many benches, but the last 9 km there are no more benches. Also, the trail is after long rains quite wet, so good waterproof shoes are highly recommended. We have not encountered any restaurant or pub, so you should bring your own food and drink.

Length: 19 km
Height difference: 300 m

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