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It is Queens's day in the Netherlands and we are on our way home from our walking weekend in Luxembourg. Along the way we park our car near Dollendorf in the the North Eifel for a nice walk through the Lampertstal. We parked our car just outside Dollendorf at the St. Anthony Chapel. From here we begin our walk of the Lampertstal.

We walk through open fields along the St. Anthony Chapel to a dirt road where we turn left. The open field is full of dandelions when we walk towards the Lampertstal. Just below the summit of Mount Reiner (481 m) is a bench where we had a very nice view over Dollendorf and Homberg (471 m). Here we take a short break before we walk to the Lampertstal. Through the woods we walk on the footpath where the Eifelsteig also runs along. Short after we enter the Lampertstal. We turn first to the left and walk shortly through the woods toward Alendorf. Before we walk towards Alendorf, we walk through the beautiful Lampertstal in the Eifel. Just before Alendorf we turn right and walk uphill. On a nice path we walk to a nice large open field. In the distance we see a hill with a cross in top of it. We want to walk to the top, but from where we stand, that seems very far away and much higher than we stand right now.

The view looked worse than it was and soon we are on top of the hill. Here we have an amazing view over the Eifel. We see include the Hohe Acht and Ahrtal. To the other side of the hill we have a nice view over Alendorf. After a short break we walk back down and walk on through the open fields. Over a fun detour we walk back towards the Lampertstal. The Lampertstal is known for its great variety of flowers, but we are just too early in the season.

There area lot of dandelions and yellow bell shaped flowers. The rest of the flowers will appear later in the season.The walk through the Lampertstal is very nice though. The trail is easily to walk and occasionally there is a bench where you can take a break. Unfortunately, the foresters have done some damage to some parts of the walking trail. At the end of the Lampertstal in the Eifel we cross the K 39 and we walk through a nice little narrow path uphill. The path rises fairly quickly, but it is very easy to take. Once on top we walk along the road back to the St. Anthony Chapel back to the car. Our walking weekend is over and we go back home.

The walk through the Lampertstal is a nice easy walk to walk. The scenery is varied and Lampertstal is very beautiful. There are different viewpoints worth stopping for a good look around. However, we are haven’t encountered any eating or drinking places. The walk through the Lampertstal is best when the meadows are in bloom.

Length: 17 km
Height difference: 200 m

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