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We wake up in the hotel and see that the weather is less than we thought. We hope that it only remains cloudy, but during breakfast it starts raining. We see at the rainfall radar that the rain will quickly move away. So we drive to the parking lot and wait until the rain has stopped. It soon becomes dry and we can begin to walk the Jahrhundertweg from the Eifel Verein Monschau to celebrate the centenary.

The parking lot where we parked our car is an alternative parking area for the Jahrhundertweg of Monschau. The official car park is in Monschau, but this is a paid parking garage. The parking lot where we park lies close to the L106 to Kalterherberg.

The Jahrhundertweg is well marked with the number 100. So we start the walk by following the 100 signs. We start with a small part of the tarmac, but soon we turn right and walk along a pond. You can walk straight ahead and visit the monastery, but we walk to the footpath on the left. Because of the rain this morning and the last few weeks the trail has turned into a mud path. We avoid the big puddles and walk along the banks of the Rur. The Rur is surrounded by greenery and flowers in many colors. Despite the trail the walk along the banks of the Rur is extremely beautiful and fun.

It's time to leave the Rur and we turn left and climb 50 meters up. The path is fairly steep, but the advantage is that it is quickly over. Once up, we walk up to the viewpoint and enjoy the view of the Eifel. After a short stop we continue towards Monschau. On the dirt road we walk descending to Monschau. Soon we walk along the banks of the Rur in Monschau and see busloads of tourists who visit.

Near the parking garage we turn right and walk on a steep climb. This is the official start of the Jahrhundertweg from the Eifel Verein Monschau. Soon we reach a viewpoint with a bench and have lunch with views over Monschau. We walk towards Höfen and pass a cute little church. Here we turn right and walk across a tarmac road with a beautiful view of the Eifel near Monschau.

We walk into the forest and descend down to the Perlenbach reservoir via Eifelsteig. The descent is a great fun to walk. The trail is well and the footpath is in a beautiful setting. We cross the lake and walk through a forest trail to the top. It has now become quite warm and the logger has the cut forest down. As a result there is no shade at all. Fortunately, we are quickly up and find a bench in the shade.

We continue on a dirt road along a farm and the cows in the meadow. At a crossing we turn left and continue walking on a trail. We occasionally have a beautiful view of the surroundings of Monschau in the Eifel. And in the forest we enjoy the beautiful nature. We continue our path and walk through flowery paths. Along the meadows, we see the locals hay. After a short time we see a few trees, which we use as a bench. A wasp throws spanner in the break and we walk further after a too short break. We descend for the last time, and walk along banks of the Rur back to our car.

The Jahrhundert Wanderung is a combination of many walks in the surrounding of Monschau. The walk is very varied and you get a very good impression of the Eifel near Monschau on foot. If you are near Monschau we recommend you this walk certainly. We enjoyed it!

Are you more days in the surrounding of Monschau, have a look at the walk through the forest at Hertogenwoud near Ternell along Getzbach and the Hill over the High Fens in the Ardennes in Belgium.

Length: 17.6 km
Height difference: 250 m ascending and descending.
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