Irreler Waterfalls and Teufelsschlucht - Hiking in the Eifel

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Today we drive to the border of Luxembourg for a nice circular walk through the Teufelsschlucht near Irrel. We arrived early in the morning we and park our car along the L4 on the parking lot for the Irreler waterfall. We look at the information boards and eventually cross the road.

A paved path leads us along the banks of the Prüm. Here we have a nice view of the bridge and waterfall in the Prüm. We are still early so we can take a photo of the bridge over the Prüm near Irrel without other hikers. We cross the bridge and climb through steep stairs up to a paved road. We want to continue the walk over the paved road, but nets and a plate tell us that the road is closed. The alternative is to walk uphill at this junction. Through more steep trails we reach the highest point of the walk. The whole walk the Teufelsschlucht in Irrel is already indicated, so we continue to follow the signs.

We walk through the first canyons of Teufelsschlucht. We walk through the woods and descend through a small gorge. Then we arrive in a beautiful gorge. We enjoy nature and walking further through the gorges to a viewpoint. Here we have a beautiful view over Irrel and the German part of Little Switzerland. We turn left and take the stairs down which are not often used. From here we hike further on a dirt road that takes us back to the bridge over the Prüm. We cross the Prüm again and walk on the paved path to the car.
This short hike at Irrel is very cute and can be easily extended. We only made a short walk because we went to Luxembourg to make another hike in the Müllerthal. At the parking lot an information boards provides various hikes. There is an information center on the other side of the Teufelsschlucht near Irrel.

Length: 5 km
Height difference: 150 m

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