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The nature park the Eifel is situated in the east of Germany. Basically the Eifel lies north of the Mosel and to the west of the Rhine. The Eifel is divided over the countries Germany and Belgium. It is a two hour drive from the south-east of the Netherlands, which makes it an ideal location for a weekends hike.

Compared to the Netherlands, the Eifel is very hilly, but the Eifel is a low mountain area. The origin of the Eifel is volcanic. Due to erosion of water many valleys have arise over time. Trough out the Eifel the volcanic origin is visible everywhere. The layered stone shows the solidified lava. The Eifel is divided in several regions. In the north is the Ehrgebirge, where the area of the Ahr is situated. South of here lies the Hoch Eifel (High Eifel). Here the peeks are a bit higher and the highest point is 747 m (Hohe Acht).

In the west lies the Scheeifel which is connected to the High Fens in Belgium. In the south part of the Eifel lies the Volcanic Eifel. And totally in the North, near Heimbach and Gemünd, lies the National Park the Eifel. In the national Park Eifel are plenty of possibilities for activities like, walking, cycling and all sorts of water activities.

On a nice Sunday we drove to the Eifel, to Altenahr, to walk a very nice circular walk. Read more about the walk in our travelogue.

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