Walking the Sentier des Roches - Col de la Schlucht - Vosges

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Today we walk a very popular hiking trail along the Route des Crêtes in the Vosges in France. We start at Col de la Schlucht and walk passing Sentier des Roches to Hohneck and back to Col de la Schlucht.

We park our car at a famous col in de Vosges, the Col de la Schlucht. We start at the parking lot and walk in the direction of the entrance to Sentier des Roches. The first part of the walk is on a very small (very) steel trail. The path is defiantly definitely not suitable for people with fear of height. The forest trail changes shortly a rock path and goes up and down along the way. A small path, a tunnel, a ladder and steep abysses make the Sentier des Roches a very special route to take, although it slows you down. After a serious hike we arrive at the Frankenthal where we have a very nice view towards the Hohneck.

After a lunch break we start a steep climb of almost 400 meters up. The forest is warm and moist which makes the climb hard. But when we finally arrive at the top, the view over the Vosges was worth the effort. On the crossing of walking trails we keep following the GR 531 toward Hohneck. At the Auberge at the top of the Hohneck we take a break in the shade and have a look towards the Alps. Unfortunately the sky is to foggy to see the Alps from the Hohneck. After a short break we follow the GR 5 towards Col de la Schlucht. This part of the walk is very popular for the locals on a sunny Sunday. The locals take a hike form Col de la Schlucht to the Hohneck and back again. The hiking trail shows signs of a well used trail. During our walk we see a lot of other hikers. The view from this part of the GR 5 is stunning. We have multiple views over the peeks of the balloons and far in the distance we see the Grand Balloon, the highest peek. In less than an hour we walk from the Hohneck back to Cal de la Schlucht to our car
This popular hike is really fun to walk. You start walking over rocks, which makes it impossible to walk during the rain. You also need good hiking boots with lots of grip. If you have fear of heights, please find another trail. The trail is small and abysses are steep. The rest of the trail has beautiful nature and views.

Length: 11 km
Height difference: 400 m

There are a few places where you can buy food and drinks. You better take food and drink yourself instead of relying on the auberges. Also good hiking boots are required.

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