Walking from Col de Bramont to Lac de Blanchemer - Vosges

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For today we have picked an easy hike. We walk from Col de Bramont to Lac de Blancemer. Col de Bramont is one of the most famous cols in the Vosges in France. In the summer Lac de Bramont is used for swimming and fishing.

We park our car on the Cal de Bramont and take the unpaved road up in the direction of Tourbière de Machais. We unpaved road starts with a 100 m climb, followed by a descending of 80 meters. At the end of the unpaved road you arrive at Tourbière de Machais. The view of Tourbière de Machais is not very spectacular from this hiking path. But at the end of the hike you'll have a better view over Tourbière de Machais. Since the view isn't great we walk further in the direction of Lac de Blancemer. We take the forest trail which is parallel to the road and arrive at a refuge. Here we take another unpaved road to Lac de Blancemer. After a nice walk we arrive at Lac de Blancemer. There are a lot of pick nick tables, so we find one in de shade and sit down for a nice lunch. The pick nick table gives us a nice view over Lac de Blancemer. Swimming is allowed in the lake, so if you want to cool down during the hike, take swimming clothes.

After our lunch we walk along the lake. At the far-end of Lac de Blancemer is on you left a steep hiking trail into the forest. Luckily the climb is not very long and shortly we arrive at an unpaved road. At the unpaved road we turn right in the direction of Le Bramont. We follow the trail and on an avalanche slope we have a very special view of Tourbière de Machais. And someone has been very busy making a chair out of stone! The trail walks very easily and has a nice variety of forest and open spaces with nice views of the Vosges in France.

Along the trail is a refuge, here we change directions and follow the GR 5. The hiking trail slowly climbs up, but it is worth the effort. Along the trail are some amazing views of the valley of Thur and Lac de Kruth-Wilderstein. After the viewpoint there is another climb of about 20 meters before finally descending to Cal de Bramont. The last part of the hiking trail is very steep, but the advantage is losing altitude very quickly. It doesn't take us long to arrive at Cal de Bramont where we parked our car.

Length: 13 km
Height difference: approximate 300 m climbing and descending.
There is no place to buy food or drinks.

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