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We decide to climb the Grand Ventron starting at our hotel. You can also start the walk at the picnic place along the Chemin de la Beurette or at refuge Mur des Grandes at the same road just outside Cornimont/Xoulces.

Just after the picnic place you turn left from the tarmac into the forest. This nice forest path wil take you to refuge Mur des Grandes. You follow the path until you pass a bridge and turn right into the forest. This steep hiking trail is will end at the top of the Grand Ventron. Slowly we climb approximately 600m up. The hiking trail is good maintained, but the sun is very warm today and is slowing us down. Just below the top of the Grand Ventron we stop at an Auverge to rest and drink a very cold Organgina. After our rest we walk to the top of the Grand Ventron and have a very nice view of the mountains of the Vosges in France.

After the nice view we take the GR 531 in the direction of Col du Bockloch. The hiking trail through the forest has a lot of height difference. Along the way you come across some very nice open spaces with amazing views of the Vosges in France. At the Col du Bockloch we change direction to Cal de Pourri Faing. Col de Pourri Faing is a swamp area, but the viewpoint is overgrown with trees and the view is worthless. We leave Col de Pourri Faing and walk in de direction of Col de la Vierge where we spot a pick nick place. This bench is a welcome during this long hike and we take a rest before we start descending.

The hiking trail we take down is kind of destroyed due to logging activities in the forest. And because of the heavy rain in the area the hiking trail is very wet and slippery. During our descending we keep the direction of Mur des Grandes. At some points the descending hiking trail is very steep. But just before we arrive at Mur des Grandes we arrive at the stream Les Echarges. We are surprised to find one of the view benches we have seen during this hike. And the stream is cooling the area down, so a perfect place for a last stop. We decide to walk the last part of our hike over the tarmac road towards our hotel. We pass the pick nick place and after a long hike we finally arrive at our hotel. This varied hike through very nice forests, passing open spaces and nice views is highly recommendable if you are in the Vosges in France.

Length: 19 km
Hieght differnce: 600 m

Be sure that you have good hiking shoes, enough water and enough to eat. There are little places where you can buy some food or drinks

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