Walking to Gazon du Faing and Cascades de Rudlin - Vosges

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Early in the morning we start at our hotel towards Étang Des Dames near Le Rudelin for a round walk over Gazon du Faing.

We park our car at Étang Des Dames and walk to the start of the hike. To get to the hiking path through the forest we walk al short distance along a road. The climb towards Gazon du Faing starts in the forest. The first part of the walk through the forest is due to logging activities in 2007 a bit damaged. Luckily the forest is starting to recover very well and we continue walking through this beautiful forest towards Gazon du Faing. It is clearly visible that not many hikers use this hiking trail. The path is overgrown with blackberries and ferns, but it isn't interfering the hike. Also the markings along the path are clear and easy to find. After a climb of 600 m up we reach plateau of Gazon du Faing. This open plateau of Fazon du Faing gives many scenic views over the Vosges in France. A sign near the path tells us that you're only allowed to pick 3 liters per person of the blackberries a day. But unfortunately we are too early in the season for picking blackberries.

At the end of the trail we reach the crossing with the GR 5. The path of the GR 5 crossed the plateu of Gazon du Faing. The path is flat, but it is a plateau, so we have no cover from the sun and the temperature is pretty high. We turn to the left about halfway the path across Gazon du Faing to walk to a scenic view towards Lac Blanc. We want to lunch at a pick nick table, but as soon as we want to sit down, a school class of French children arrives. We decide to search for a different lunch stop. We arrive back at the GR 5 and continue our walk. We come along a big Stone and find two people we know from the hotel and start our lunch with a view over the Réserve Naturelle Du Tanet-Gazon-Du-Faing and the peaks of the Vosges in France.

We turn right at the end of the Gazon du Faing and leave the plateau. We descend on a forest trail towards Cascade Du Rudlin. The forest trail is easy to walk on and with hairpin curves we lose altitude very quickly. At Cascade Du Rudlin we enjoy the beautiful view and refresh ourselves with the freezing water. After a short rest we continue our walk towards our car at Étang Des Dames near Le Rudelin and drive back to our hotel.

Length: 13 km
Height difference: 600 m
Be sure you that you have hiking shoes, enough water and enough to eat.

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