Walking on Tenerife - Canary Islands - Spain

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Tenerife is made up of 2 parts. The touristical and dry south and the quiet forrested north. In the center you will find the National Park de Teide. The high mountains surrounding the volcano Pico del Teide. A lava area where it seems you are walking on the moon. Here you see the past craters, the lava flows of hundreds of years ago and the vegetation around the volcano. In the south you will find the tourist areas like, Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Los Gigantos.

We were in an appartment in Los Gigantes, close to the beach. Only we didn't discover that until after 3 days. The first day we felt we wanted to do something else besides staying in Los Gigantes. We rented a car and drove across the whole island.

On a sunday we went to the north east of Tenerife to Anaga to go for a walk. We arrived early for a sunday. After an hour or 2 of walking we came back at the parking lot. Completely full! We met a lot of Spanish people going for their sunday walk.

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