The northern part of the hike Ruta de los Volcanes - La Palma

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Today we are walking the northern section of the Ruta de los Volcanes in the Parque National Cumbre Vieja.
The Ruta de los Volcanes goes from Refugio el Pilar to Faro de Fuencaliente. A section of the route follows the long distance trail EL GR 13. This hike goes through a larger area of La Palma, from Puerto de Tazacorte Hasta to Faro de Fuencaliente. This hike is 110 kilometer long and be hiked in 3 days.

We only do the northern section of the Ruta de los Volcanes. Because we have no transport at Faro de Fuencaliente, we have to hike back the same way and the possible distance is limited.
When we get out of our car at Refugio el Pilar it is cold and cloudy. Slowly we follow a forest trail up hope for less clouds. After we clear the forest, we get to the highest point of this hike. On top of the mountain we are in the clouds and it's freezing cold. A hard, moist wind comes across the mountain ridge. From this wind the trees get their moisture during the summer. Around the trees are wet sections of sand which drains into the soil. Now and again we seek shelter behind a tree to get out of the wind. Close to Cráter de Hoyo Negro we wait for the clouds to blow away.
In fairly clear skies we can see the crater Hoyo Negro of La Palma zien. When we continue, more and more clouds start to form, but in general the weather seems to clear.
We have lunch on a couple of volcanic rocks where we have a nice view of old lava fields and the Montaña del Fraile (eruption 1949). In the sun we walk past the bottom of the crater towards the viewpoint across the southern section of the Ruta de los Volcanes of La Palma. The viewpoint is a good moment to head back to our car. From this point the trail descends about 100 meters. From the viewpoint we have great views of the Montaña Negra and the Volcán Martin. The eastside of the island is covered in clouds. We have fairly good views of the westside of the island.

We are warming ourselfes in the sun and prepare ourselfes for the way back. We walk to a viewpoint for the Cráter de Duraznero. The has started blowing so hard, that a pair of sunglasses is blown away. But just as we are about to head down, it clears somewhat so we can have agood look at the crater.
There is a trail up on the crater, but because of the hard winds, we decide to take the same trail back.
Below the crater we head back towards Refugio el Pilar. The weather is changing for the worse and we walk back in the clouds. At our car we warm up a bit and we drive back to El Paso.

In good weather this hike is not difficult. When the sun is shining it can becomevery hot. So bring enough water when doing this hike. When the weather is bad the views are limited and it can get very cold.

Distance: about 14 km
Height difference: 450m descending and climbing

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