Walking in the Caldera de Taburiente - Los Brecitos - Barranco de las Angustias - La Palma

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Today we leave early towards the Caldera de Taburiente. Through Los Lianos de Aridane and Los Barros we drive to the information centre and ask about the taxi service. They tell us we have to go to the parking area in the valley below.

Here we park our car and take a taxi to Los Brecitos. The taxis drive from early in the morning until about twelve thirty in the afternoon. This is to avoid walkers starting the long walk to late and arriving back in the dark. The taxi service costs about € 6.80. (2008) per person. The jeep taxi takes us up in about half an hour, this saves you a considerable climb up.

Once we arrive at Los Brecitos we enjoy the view, put on sun lotion and eat a sandwhich. Afterwards we set off on the forrest trail towards the Zona de Acampada (the camping site) and the information centre that is close by.

The first section you walk on a smooth forrest trail without much height difference. Between the trees you sometimes have great views of the Caldera de Taburiente. Other moments you walk through the canary pines and you notice the fire damage visible on the trees. Shortly before the camping site we cross the river 'Rio Taburiente'. One of the view barranco's with water flowing through it the whole year round.
At the campsite we have lunch and walk to the information centre. Here a man explains in spanish about the Parque National de la Caldera de Taburiente and the different walking trails.

After we pass the centro de servicos we start heading towards our car. First we descend a long steep section. On the way during the hairpin turns we a have a nice view of Roque Idafe. Once we arrive at the Barranco de las Angustias we follow the river bed. A small detour takes you to the Cascada Coloradas, a beautifull brightly colored waterfall. About a kilometer from the trail, past small waterfalls, at the end of a small gorge is the waterfall. Although we entered with our walking boots, water shoes wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Along the walls of the gorge are stepping stones so you can enter, but the stones can be very slippery! Your effort is rewarded by a nice view and the different bright colors.
On the way back Sandra missed the last stone and still got a wet sock.

Back on the walking trail we continue our way towards the 'Salida' . The walking trail follows the river bed for a while. Although this isn't very fast, the surroundings show that it's the only solution for a walking trail. Some sections of the trail go over the rock wall above the river bed. During this walk you need to pay attention to the signs, they are not that obvious in places. We keep following the Barranco de las Angustias untill we reach a paved road. We follow this until the parking area.

Distance: about 15 km (including the Cascada Colorada)
Height difference: 900 meters descending

P.S.: During this walk there is no oppurtunity to buy water or food. In the Caldera de Taburiente it can become very hot, so bring enough water and food. Also, during rainy days, the trail can be slippery. Good walking boots are a necessity for this walk.

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