La Cumbrecita - Caldera de Taburiente - La Palma

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Today we are on the way to the viewpoint La Cumbrecita in Parque National de la Taburiente. We head down the road towards the 'centro de visitantes' in El Paso and see a couple of sign besides the road with La Cumbrecita Cerrado información centro de Visitantes. We turn around first stop at the visitor centre to ask if we can go to the La Cumbrecita viewpoint. The road is closed, but all cars must be registered to keep the number of visitors limited. The parking area isn't very big and in case of calamities the raods and parking areas must be available for the emergency services.

We have registered our car and drive to La Cumbrecita. Just before the entrance to the national park is a boom barrier with a ranger who checks all cars for the ticket we got and checks the license plate of the car.

Apperently there are not many tourists on the parking area above, because we can continue. The boom opens and we continue our way. At the top we park our car and walk to the viewpoint at La Cumbrecita. The viewpoint itself is behind the trees, making the view somewhat limited, but Roque Idafe is clearly visible. Also the trail we walked through the Caldera de Taburiente can be seen in places. Only then can clearly be seen through what section of the Caldera we hiked. Along the unpaved road leading to the viewpoint, we have good view of the Caldera de Taburiente. After this short walk of about 2 kilometers we get back to our car. It is a fun, short excursion on an unpaved good trail and certainly worth the effort to walk to the viewpoint.

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