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La Palma, La Isla Bonita, is one of the Canary Islands. The total surface area is 729 km2 and the number of inhabitants is 85000. The capitol of La Palma is Santa Cruz, but the largest city is Los Lianos de Adidane. Arounf the entire island is a good ring road, although it is very twisty in the north.
The national park on La Palma contains the the crater of the Caldera de Taburiente, an old crater.
Our casita was in El Paso, a small village close to Los Lianos de Aridane, on the crossing of the north-south and east-west roads on the island. El Paso has a perfect position for visitors to the island who have a car.

La Palma is superbly suited for walkers. Around the Caldera de Taburiente are numerous walking trails. But also in the north at Los Sauces are several beautifull walks. The walking trails on La Palma are well maintained indicated. Do bring your own food and water though on all walks. Good shoes and clothing are also necessary.

During our short vacation we have made several walks and driven around most of the island. To get a good impression of the island, a week is enough, but to discover the whole island a two week stay is recommended.

La Palma doesn't have any pearl white beaches or a vibrant nightlife. For 'sun tourism' the other Canary Islands like Tenerife or Gran Canaria are a better option.

In the menu on the left you'll find information about the hikes we have made. The pictures below give a good impression of La Palma, Spain.

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