Hike at Guayadeque - Gran Canaria - Canary Islands - Spain

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We were both looking forward to this hike in Guayadeque. We drove into the valley and enjoyed the views. What a beautiful green valley. We drive a long way into the valley and reach the caves houses and church. Here we park our car and start looking for the trail. We look at the mountain and both think, we have to climb op there? Ah well, that the point if you want to have a view! We climb up steadily and pass a shelter. There is a sign next to it from the museum. We're about halfway and keep going. At least we're on the shady side of the mountain.
Once on top the problem of the Rother book is obvious. The first section of the trail is visible, but at a certain point there are multiple trails. There are no markers only the description says walk in the S-SW direction until you reach an old church. We've seen a pile of rocks, but if it was the church we don't know. We keep going and the vegetation gets so high Sandra can't look over it anymore. When we get to the edge of a cliff at a certain point, Sandra isn't enjoying herself anymore. The clouds are getting dark and the trail cannot be found. On the way here we made a GPS track, so the way back can be found easily. We decied to take the same way back. When we climb down it starts to rain and by the time we reach a restaurant to have a drink, it start raining cats and dogs! Guess we made the right decision to go back.
We have a look at the cave church of Guayadeque and take a few pictures. It's unbelievable they carved out this cave by hand!
On the way back we stop at the museum to have a look at the past of Gran Canaria and Guayadeque.
The hike on itself was nice, but the trails are not marked and the description we had was worthless.
The views are worth the effort to climb up the mountain side.

Lenght: 8 km
Height difference: 600 m

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