Walk from Cruz de Tejeda through Barranco de Mina - Gran Canaria

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From Cruz de Tejeda we wanted to hike through the Barranco de Mina. The first section of the hike starts of well, we descend towards a village. Once on the major road we have to go left after 5 minutes. Uhmmm... A somewhat vague description for a section which might take an elderly person 5 minutes, but we do it in 2 minutes!
So it's a bit of a search for the right trail. Finally we find it and go further down into the village. It looks like it's a waist of time to walk to the village. From the lowest point we have to climb back up to find the Barranco de Mina. We think we've found the right trail, but a sign says something in Spanish from which we can make up something is illegal, but what! A dictionary solves the question, the sign doesn't apply to us and we go up the trail Pretty soon we discover the trail is not maintained. It's completely overgrown with al kinds of vegetation including cacti and the trail has become very narrow. We climb on and reach a flatter section and see the road we have to get to, but no trail to get there! So we have to guess our way. Once we reach the road, we're not back at our car. The last stretch is a section of the king's roads (Camino Real) on Gran Canaria. Ofcourse the trail goes up. We hesitated about walking the last bit on the tarmac, but decided to take the "safe route" on the hiking trail. Once back in Cruz de Tejeda we tired but satisfied. Besides all the obstacles it was a beautiful hike.
With a few good hiking booths and poles (to keep the vegetation away) this hike can be done fairly easily. Although I wouldn't go all the way down in the village the next time. This has no added value for the hike. If you go on this hike, follow the Sunflower book and not the Rother guide (the red book)!

Lenght: 6 km
Height difference: 400 m

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