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After breakfast depart for the Peak 2 Peak cable station in downtown Whistler. The cable car is not yet running, but we can already buy two return tickets. By the time we have our tickets the Peak 2 Peak starts to run. As soon as we arrive at the Whistler Mountain we directly take the next cable car to the Blackcomb Mountain. We first want to walk on the Blackcomb Mountain walk and afterwards walk on the Whistler Mountain.

The cable car from the Whister Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain is over a very deep valley. For people with vertigo is it is not possible to take the Peak 2 Peak. Sandra has not often suffered from vertigo, but doesn’t really like this cable car. Fortunately we arrive safely on top of the Blackcomb Mountain.

On this cold morning we start our hike on Blackcomb Mountain. We want the walk in the direction of the Decker Loop to have a beautiful view over the Fitzsimmons glacier. Over a nice walking path we walk towards the forest. The walk is varied, but we are a little surprised about the height difference. Described on its signs, there should be no difference in height, but the trail goes up and down. We are walking over the Blackcomb Mountain with several very nice views of the surrounding area at Whistler. At Decker Loop we take the blue trail up in search for a nice view over the Fitzsimmons Glacier at the end of the valley. And after a rapid ascent on the trail we find our nice view over the glacier and walk back to the Blackcomb Mountain again. Where possible, we take a different path as the way in. And soon we reached the end of our walk on the Blackcomb Mountain.

We both really enjoyed our walk on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler. Throughout the walk you have spectacular views of Whistler Mountain, the Fitzsimmons Glacier and the ski resort of Whistler. The trails are well maintained and with a bit of a puzzle, you can put a nice round walk together.

Length: 8 km
Height difference: 200 m

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