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One of the walks we want to do in Wells Gray Provincial Park is the West Lake Loop. So we park our car at the parking lot of the Bailey's Cute. To get to the West Lake Loop hike we have to stop at to Bailey's Cute. Here, the salmon try to jump over fast flowing river. Often we see a salmon jump, but there is no one who crosses the fast flowing water and they all float back to the lower part of the river. Sometimes you have to wait, but the wait is often rewarded with jumping salmon. Without knowing we are certainly watching the jumping salmon for at least an hour.

We leave Baily’s Cute and walk towards the West Lake Loop. First we have a part of swamp trail to cross before the path gets a bit better. The water flows from the mountain on the trail, but the ground is so wet that you sink to your ankles. Carefully along the edge of the path we continue our walk. Again we walk through a beautiful forest along the banks of the Clearwater River. First we walk to the Falls Marcus. There are different opinions on what you would call a waterfall. It is no more than acceleration in the Clearwater River. But it is a nice place to view the Clearwater River in Wells Gray Provincial Park. We walk through the beautiful forest on to the Myanth Falls. This has even less to do with a waterfall to the Marcus Falls. But again, the view over the Clearwater River is very beautiful. We see in the clear cold water several fish swimming and jumping, but cannot see which the fish they are.

We walk up to a ridge in the woods. We are on half way on the West Lake Loop. We see a lot of different mushrooms and squirrels. Near the Westlake we take a short break and enjoy the view over the lake. After a short stop we walk towards Bailey's Cute. We descend and are again staring at the jumping salmon. After half an hour we walk back up to the parking lot and we are at the end of the walk on the West Lake Loop in Wells Gray Provincial Park. We found a very nice walk through the beautiful nature.

Length: 6 km
Height difference: together about 60 m

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