Hiking at Spahats Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park - Canada

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The first car park that you will see when you drive into Wells Gray Provincial Park is the Spahats Falls. Our guide takes us early in the morning to the Spahats Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park. First we walk to the viewpoint of the Spahats Falls. Early in the morning the sun shines on the clouds, water vapor rising by the rising temperature. Our guide tells us that it is rare that so much fog occurs.

After a short stop, he takes us to the Shaden Viewpoint. But instead of driving by car we walk through an amazing forest. We only suffer from some fallen trees on the trail. But we climb and clamber over the fallen trees and get a lot of explanation on the vegetation of the forest. At the Shaden Viewpoint we have a beautiful view over the valley of Wells Gray Provincial Park.

To walk a nice round walk around the Falls Spahats we need to walk a part over a dirt road. So between Shaden Viewpoint and Spahats Falls we walk while talking with our guide back to the car. But before we get to the car, he wants to take us to a part of a lovely forgotten forest. We turn off the dirt road and walk into the forgotten forest. We are impressed by the beautiful nature in this part of forgotten nature. Fortunately our guide shows us this part very special forest. We walk along the creek and through the beautiful forest. The circle is not very long and so soon we are back in the parking lot and we go to the Silvertip Falls.

Length: 3 km
Height difference: none

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