Hiking at Moul Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park - Canada

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On the Clearwater Valley Road we park our car in the parking lot at the Moul Falls. This waterfall is about 3 kilometers from the road so we walk the last part to the falls. It is not busy in the parking lot so we quickly find a parking place.

We walk through a gate and walk a long part on a dirt road. The footpath along the dirt road is not very exciting. It is broad and the nature around it is not really spectacular. Luckily we turn after a mile left and we walk through to a nice forest. Again the beautiful nature is surrounding the path towards Moul Falls in Wels Gray Provincial Park. The trail bumps a little, but the nature makes it so much fun to walk through.

Soon we reach the viewpoint of the Moul Falls, but we stand again above the waterfall. Here we have a worthless view on the Moul Falls. But luckily there is a path a little further towards the bottom of the Moul Falls. We see immediately redirect path where a part of the mountain fell down. But the redirect takes us to the descent for a nice view of Moul Falls. Over a steel staircase we descend to the sign 'end of path’. It is definitely worth to walk downstairs, given the very nice view over Moul Falls. A carved chair serves as a resting place before we walk back to the parking lot. We take the same route as the way towards to the Moul Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park.

Length: 6 km
Height difference: 150 meters

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