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The first walk we walk in Canada is to the lovely Wall Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park. After breakfast we drive through the gate to Waterton Lakes National Park. We drive directly to the parking near Cameron Lake. It is not busy in the parking lot and we soon find a place to park our car. We put on our walking shoes, pack our backpacks and begin our walk to Wall Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park.

In the first kilometer we walk about 150 meters up. A fairly steep path we walk firmly to cover this part as fast as possible. We get to talk to people who walk to Forum Lake and we walk a part together. We talk about why we ended up in Waterton Lakes National Park and where we stay and what we will visit during our trip through Canada. This way the walk up goes a lot faster. Soon we reach the junction to Forum Lake and Wall Lake. They turn off right and we go straight on to Wall Lake.

We walk along a relatively flat trail through incredibly beautiful woods toward Wall Lake. We see many squirrels that make an incredible huge noise if you get too close. Along the path to Wall Lake is a large variety of trees, shrubs and ground cover. We enjoy the very nature of Waterton Lakes National Park both very much. And of course we remain continuously talking to deter bears. It feels strange to be continuous talking in the forest; mostly we enjoy the sounds of the forest. But in Canada, it is unfortunately necessary to make noise, so all talking and clapping we walk to Wall Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Before we know we are on the shores of Wall Lake. We meet two Swiss people who show us mountain goats on the other side of Wall Lake. The Swiss people and we as well are impressed by the surroundings of Wall Lake. The lake is nestled between steep high mountains and there is no wind at all. Only a few ducks provide some ripples in the water, but otherwise it is dead silent at Wall Lake. After lunch we walk a bit further along the shores of Wall Lake, but the view doesn’t change much. So through the beautiful nature we walk back towards the car park. Along the way we make a small detour to the Forum Falls. Also the Forum Falls is a nice little waterfall and worthy a visit. Then we descend and we quickly returned to the parking lot. Fortunately, this time we have no bears encountered while walking.

The walk to Wall Lake is really beautiful, but there is no way eating or drinking available along the hiking route. So take enough for for a couple of hours walking. Please also note that you are bear walking area. Ask at the visitor center about bear activity along the trail.

Length: 11 km
Height difference: 150 meters

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