Hiking over the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet - Canada

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The last walk we make in the Pacific Rim National Park really is not in the park itself, but in the city Ucluelet. We park our car at the Coast Guard Road on a large parking lot. We walk to the beginning of the hiking trail and walk it clockwise. So we turn right on the trail. This trail is a small part of the Wild Pacific Trail between Ucluelet and Tofino.

Soon we have the first views of the large group of small islands off the coast of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet. At each viewpoint we enjoy the rough sea and the beautiful views of the coast. At the small lighthouse we are about halfway through the hike and we look out over the bay where our B & B is located. It is clearly visible that the wind always is inland. The trees grow crooked branches and are on the landward side of the tree.

We meet a lot of local people at the Wild Pacific Trail, since it also is used for a daily hike or run. We leave the coast behind us and start hiking in the woods. In the forest we walk on a wide path to the parking lot. We need to walk up a small hill on which on a very steep path. Then we gradually descend through the forest down. And not long after we are at the parking lot at the Coast Guard Drive. The Wild Pacific Trail was a lovely end to our stay in Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park. If you have time, then it is definitely worth to walk to the lighthouse of Ucluelet. We enjoyed the views along the coast and over the roar of the waves in the sea.

Length: 3 km

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