Hiking over the Rain Forest Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park - Canada

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The first morning in Ucluelet the owner of the B & B told us that today there is no power in the region due to maintenance. She asks us about or day plan. We tell her that we will be hiking in different places in the park all day. We have brought our own food, so we are not dependent on local restaurants and thus the power in the park.

We start our day hiking in the park with two nice walks along the Pacific Rim Highway in Pacific Rim National Park. We park our car in the car park provided and decide with small hike we will do first. We decide first to cross the road and walk in the ancient forest.

We walk in the forest and see directly magnificent rainforest with very old trees. The path through the rainforest is a deck pad so you will disturb nature as little as possible. What every time is special to see are the so-called ‘nursing trees’. These dead trees are used by nature as a breeding ground for new life. Given these forests have been left in peace for hundreds of years; these nursing trees have a special meaning to the rainforest.

After the first short hike we cross the road again and walk on the other side a small circular walk through newer rainforest. This rainforest is harvested in the 50s and now has a chance to grow again. Walking the deck path and give our eyes the time to enjoy the incredible beautiful nature, the trees, ferns and mushrooms. Recently they have renew parts of the deck path due to fallen trees that scattered the deck path, but the trail is very well maintained by the Pacific Rim National Park.

For those who want a good impression of how the rainforest in Pacific Rim National Park looks like, this Rain Forrest Trail is the place to be. The deck path is well maintained, although it may be occasionally slippery. It was a gorgeous little hike through the beautiful forests in the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island.

Length: 3 km

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