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The Othello Tunnels are not really in Manning Provincial Park but just north of Hope in the village of Othello. After the hike on the Skagit Trail Hope we drive to Highway 5. Here we take the first exit for the Othello Tunnels.

The Othello Tunnels are located in Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park and is a popular attraction for people visiting the area of Hope. In the 19th century, the Canadian Pacific Railway decided a railway had to be made from the Kootenay region to the coast through the Kettle Valley Trail. Near Hope the train connection was over and through a deep narrow gorge. The Canadian Pacific Railway made five tunnels and four bridges over and through the deep ravine. Before that time, this was a bold and very challenging construction. In 1914 the railway was opened, and the construction of tunnels and bridges completely.

In the 50s, the tunnels were unnecessary and was a rail became a hiking trail. Nowadays the Othello Tunnel are a popular tourist attraction. The Othello Tunnels are also special for movie lovers. The first Rambo movie was shot near Hope and the Othello Tunnels.

We park our car in the large parking lot at the Othello Tunnels and begin our hike to the tunnels. We walk through the first dark tunnel where we use one of the phones as flashlight. At the first bridge we are amazed by the beauty of the gorge of the Kettle Valley Trail. The gorge is very deep and the water goes through it with great speed. We walk through the 5 tunnels where we every time enjoy the view from the bridges. After the fifth tunnel, we are at the end of our short walk to the Othello Tunnels in Hope. The footpath goes much further to Hope, but for us the last tunnel end point of the walk. We walk back through the tunnels to the parking lot and drive to Hope for supper.

The Othello Tunnels in Hope are fun to walk through. Think of the history and the constructions when you enter the Othello Tunnels. At the time, these Othello Tunnels were a masterpiece of construction. The walk is we did is quite short, but the trail goes much further. Nature in the gorge is definitely worth a visit.

Length: about 4 km
Height difference: none

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