Hiking to Dog Lake in Kootenay National Park - Canada

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From Radium we drive back to Kootenay National Park to Dog Lake for a nice hike. In a number of books we have read this short walk should be very nice. So on the Kootenay Highway we turn off at the parking lot of Dog Lake. The parking has seen better times and picnic benches are in a poor state. We only hope that the trails are still in good condition.

We start the hike through the woods toward the Campground. The Campground is already closed for the season, so on a deserted campground we walk to the Kootenay River. We cross this river over a very large suspension bridge. On the other side of the Kootenay River, we turn left and walk on a bike path. The trail gives occasional nice views over the mountains of Kootenay National Park, but the majority time you hike through dense trees.

At a junction we are in for the hiking trail. Most people take the path straight to Dog Lake trail so it is not clearly visible. Yet we find a sort of a trail in the woods and turn right onto the trail towards Dog Lake. The nature around the trail is incredible beautiful. Although the cobwebs occasionally are very annoying the path is beautiful. We walk along a small stream up towards Dog Lake.

At Dog Lake, we see a trail on the left side of the lake. We decide to hike up the trail but this path is not going anywhere, and we decide to turn around. Hiking along the shore at Dog Lake we look for a tree for a long rest to enjoy the nature, the fish in Dog Lake and the many dragonflies flying around. After a long break we decided to hike back to the car.

On the hiking trail at Dog Lake, we turn left back in the direction of the parking lot. The trail is fairly steep. This we did not expect, given the way we did not have a lot of height difference on the way to Dog Lake. We walk through this incredibly beautiful forest apparently over a hill. At the top of the hill is a bench. For us, this is the sign that we have don’t have to walk up any further. We walk down a steep path back to the Kootenay River and cross the river it again. Then we walk on the deserted campground back to the parking lot.

The hike to Dog Lake is very beautiful. Nature is beautiful and Dog Lake is a wonderfully and deserted. We both enjoyed this relatively short hike. We really recommend you to do the hike, since it is short and easy. At Dog Lake are enough trunks to relax in this beautiful nature. Make enough noise while walking to scare the bears away. Ask at the information center in Radium for bear activity along the trail.

Length: 9 km
Height difference: 100 m

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