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We have arrived in Nelson during our round tour through Canada. Nelson is situated near Kootenay Lake, one of the largest lakes in Canada. We arrive late in the afternoon in Nelson and we still have some time left so we drive to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. There is, this time of the year, a salmon migrate upstream in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park in a purpose-made river. We walk in a circle and watch the red salmon fighting for a spot in the river. The salmon colors white after she has laid its eggs and then she will die. We walk a small circle by Kokanee Creek Provincial Park before we start looking for the road to Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.

In the B & B in Nelson we ask for the road conditions to Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. We know it's a dirt road but we have no 4x4 car. So we are a bit worried about the 15 km to the parking lot of Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. The opinions on the Internet are distributed about the conditions of the road. Early in the morning we leave for the 15 km gravel road to Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. The first few kilometers are fine, a little washboard effect, but with a normal middle class well drivable. Then there are some steeper parts and some small slices asphalt. After these slices of asphalt the road gets very bad for about 2 kilometers. The foresters have turned a good dirt road into a bump and holes road. We bounce heavily in the car and park the car on a drive out on the side of the road. We walk a little further along the road to see if it gets any better. Fortunately the last 3 kilometers are again good to drive with a normal car. The road can be driven with a middle class car, if you have enough space at the bottom of the car. A 4x4 is however desirable.

After an exciting 15 km we finally park our car in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. We read that they suffer from porcupines in the parking lot, so here and there is fence you can put around your car. This is only necessary if you stayed overnight in one of the huts. We are planning to get back to our B&B at the end of the day.

We get on our walking shoes, grab the backpacks and start our hike. First we have just 450 meters climb up before we can walk a long stretch of flat walking trail. The path uphill is well laid out and the walk up is fine. Before we know it we are on the flat part of the walk. The first very beautiful views are appearing over Kokanee Lake. The bench on the shore of the lake is our first break spot. We have a fantastic view of Lake Kokanee. After a short stop we walk on the mountainside. We need to cross a rock part. Later we learn that the son of the president of Canada was killed here during an avalanche. Over grassland we walk to Kokanee Pass. Through a very beautiful nature we walk to the end of our walk. We do not want to walk further than the Kokanee Glacier Cabin in Kaslo Lake. This cabin is given by the president of Canada to the people who helped with the search for his son. He unfortunately never found.

With a beautiful view of Lake Kaslo we take a lunch break. Nature in the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park is incredibly beautiful. The trail is very well maintained and well-marked. We both have a lot of fun in this walk in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. After our lunch it's time to walk back towards the car park at Lake Gibson.

We walk the same way back and stop again at the bench at Kokanee Lake. This time very cheeky squirrel visits us. During the hike we hardly see any people in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Soon we descend to the parking lot and this nice walk to Kaslo Lake is finished. Now we only have to drive the exciting road drive back ...

Length: 17 km
Height difference: 450 m

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