Hiking over the Ptarmigan Cirque in Kananaskis Country - Canada

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The Highwood Pass on the Kananaskis Trail (the 40) there is a hike we wanted to do last year. But since we hadn’t had the time to do it last year we made sure the hike to Ptarmigan Cirque was on the program for this year. And Dave, the owner of the B & B, tells us the road has just been reopened for a couple of days. Kananaskis Country has suffered much damaged by the floods of June 2013. After we hiked to Chester Lake we drive to the Highwood Pass. Here we park our car and start the hike on the Ptarmigan Cirque.

We follow the signs and cross the Kananaskis Trail. Soon as we hike in to the forest and the trail goes directly steep up with a zigzag path. Here someone has at least has taken the trouble to create a decent hiking trail. With occasional short breaks we walk fairly quickly uphill. Of course we make the necessary noise to scare away any bears in the area. On a very nice view point, we speak with an old lady with her dog who is hiking the same trail. We decide to hike together, seen bears approaches larger groups humans less easy. We walk on a breathtaking area with incredibly beautiful views. Here and there are some beautiful flowers and the sun creates a beautiful red fall color throughout the valley Ptarmigan Cirque. The lady told us that we can walk a bit further into the valley after the trail end sign. We say goodbye to the lovely lady and walk a bit further into the valley. This valley is surrounded by very beautiful lined rocks.

We arrive at a washed out trail and decide that this is the end point of the hike over the Ptarmigan Cirque. We begin the journey back across the Ptarmigan Cirque through this beautiful valley. Along the way we should have to see some fossils but unfortunately we find the stone. On a bench, we take a short break with a nice view over a waterfall. Then we descend the steep path down to the Highwood Pass. After we have crossed the road we walk a little hike on a deck pad on your right side hand. We have a nice view over Kananaskis Country before we hike back to our car.

The beautiful walk on the Ptarmigan Cirque is definitely recommended if you are near Canmore or Banff. From the hiking trail of the Ptarmigan Cirque have stunning views of Kananaskis Country. The nature is incredible beautiful to hike through. We both thoroughly enjoyed this hike in Kananaskis Country. Make enough noise while hiking to keep bears away.

Length: 5 km
Height difference: 250 m

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