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At Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, we would like to hike the Opal Hills Loop, but because bear activity should we not walk with a group of less than 4 people. We can wait for two hikers at the beginning of the trail at the Opal Hills Loop, but we decide to walk a nice little walk to Moose Lake Loop.

We park our car in the parking lot at Maligne Lake and immediately see two deer walk across the tarmac. Pretty soon there is a small traffic jam of cars, campers and hikers to watch the deer. The deer find it quickly too busy and run away into the woods. For us it is time to begin our walk to the Moose Lake. We walk on the dirt road and turn left in to a beautiful forest. We have noticed during our trip through Canada that the forests in Canada are incredibly beautiful. Also this forest at Maligne Lake is no exception. We walk in bear territory, so we talk continuously during the walk to Moose Lake. This let the bears know that we are walking in the forest and pose no threat to them.

We cross an intersection in the forest and turn left towards Moose Lake. Soon we arrive at Moose Lake and are surprised by this lovely lake. There a few ducks swimming in the Moose Lake but otherwise it's nice and quiet. After a short break we walk back in the direction of Maligne Lake. Along the shore of Maligne Lake we walk back to the parking lot. After a nice little walk we are back at Maligne Lake and enjoy the view of the mountains.

There are at Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, various walking trails. However, during bear season some may be closed or restricted for small groups. Information on about the trails is available in the visitor center in Jasper.

Length: 3 km
Height: 50 m

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