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On the way back from Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park we park our car in the parking lot at Maligne Canyon. Although the tourist season is over, it's pretty busy. The walk through Maligne Canyon is also one of the most popular hikes in Jasper National Park.

Such a popular hike would suggest that the trail is well marked, but there are only signs with numbers. However, an overview trail map is nowhere to be found. We just start the walk to the Maligne Canyon. We cross a bridge and find out that this is the second bridge. Somewhere along the trail we have missed the first bridge. Just next to the second bridge is at least something of a trail map, so we look where we want to go and walk in Maligne Canyon.

Over a nice walking path we descend to the third and fourth bridge. We know already that the fifth bridge is closed to pedestrian traffic, so that is our end of the walk. It is also clear to us why this walk through the Maligne Canyon is so popular. The walk is not difficult and meanwhile very nice and beautiful. Maligne Canyon is a really nice little canyon to walk through it. After the fourth bridge the Maligne Canyon flattens out and becomes a river in a valley. Here the nicest part of the walk is over.

We have seen that on a map that there is a path up along Maligne Canyon to walk back to the parking lot. We decide, just before the fifth bridge to take the upper path back. The path we walk up has regular views of the walkway on the edge of Maligne Canyon. Given the surface of the walkway, we suspect that this may be slippery in rain. We are lucky with the weather that we have in the end of September, about 25 degrees and bright shining sun. We walk in the woods and come across the second bridge in the Maligne Canyon.

We walk to the first bridge in the Maligne Canyon and make the circular hike complete. On the other side of the parking lot we walk out of the canyon again, after we are in disbelief about two tourists who have climbed over the fence and look down on the edge of the cliff to the waterfall.
After a nice walk we returned to the car and continue our way to the Valley of the Five Lakes on the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National Park.

Length: 4 km
Altitude: 150 m

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