On a Grizzly tour by boat from Campbell River - Canada

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We wake up in Campbell River and its raining cats and dogs. Fortunately, we haven’t planned any walks today, but we're going with Aboriginal Journeys on a Grizzly tour. We have with the owners of the B & B all agreed that we could have an early breakfast, so we are in time for the departure of the boat.
We arrive at the pier where Aboriginal Journeys is located where we meet the owner Garry. He tells us that we will travel in a covered boat today. Given the rain still pours from the sky, we find it a comfort traveling in a covered boat. We are certainly very pleased that we did not sign up on an open Zodiac.

During the introduction Garry tells about two hours sailing to the Bute Inlet where the Grizzly tour continues in busses. We get in the boat and leave for the Bute Inlet. After about fifteen minutes of sailing we get a large group of dolphins. The boat slows down and we get a great opportunity to take photos of the swimming dolphins. It is a nice start of the day.

After two hours of sailing we arrive at the port of Orford River Valley and the basis of the Homalco First Nation. Here we should travel further by buses, but both buses are broken, so we travel further in a small minibus and a truck. We get in the truck with some people and drive the Orford River Valley. After less than two minutes, the minibus has already stopped. There is a grizzly bear in the river! After so many black bears we have seen in Canada, we finally see our first grizzly bear in the wild. We get a lot of time to take pictures and just watch. It remains so special to see a grizzly bear in the wild.

The bear leaves, hence we get back in the car and drive to the third tower. And again, we do not have to wait long before a bear wanders into the river. This bear takes his the time to dissect and eat dead salmon. The Grizzly Bear feeds preferably with the eggs of dead salmon, but if there aren’t any left it eat the brains of the salmon. The grizzly bear is also in very close to the tower. Admiringly we are looking at this grizzly bear for a long time.

In the same area is also spotted a mother with three cubs. So we are brought to the fourth tower under supervision of the peoples First Nation with bear spray. Here we wait about half hour for mother bear with three little ones to get out of the forest. They walk in a different direction than the tower, but we can see them very well with the telephoto lens. Mother bear catches a salmon and brings them to the little ones. This day couldn’t be more perfect.

We drive back to the information center of the Homalco First Nation. And after a short bathroom break, we go back to the boats. We see a Zodiac arrive with people bundled up in rain suits, goggles and with waterlogged faces. Most people aboard the Zodiac didn’t look very happy then. It's still raining and we are so glad we can sail in a covered boat. We return to Campbell River back into a boat enjoying a very nice lunch. Arriving at Campbell River means the ending of our Grizzly Tour with Aboriginal Journeys. For us it has been a great day!

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