A short walk through the beautifull Glacier National Park - Canada

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Today we drive to Radium from Revelstoke. We just drove over Rogers Pass and are on their way to Glacier National Park. It's already late in the afternoon when we arrive at the Illecillewaet Campground, but we finally find a parking space for the car. During the preparation of this holiday we read that all walks where restricted for groups less than 4 persons because of bears in Glacier National Park. At the information center we ask the ranger to the latest state of the restrictions. The ranger tells us very good news. All group restrictions have been lifted for hikers. However, there remains a bear warning, which means you have to make a lot of noise while walking and being alert during hiking. We were also advised to bring Bear spray. The bear spray had been been a standard for us during all the hikes in Canada.

We get a map with all the trails and look for possibilities. Given the time there are few options, so we decided to walk the hiking trail 1885. The trail is an old railroad that was completed in 1885. The trail goes gradually to down. It is a pity that there are only few views from the hiking path over the nature around Glacier National Park.

We decide to walk back and and hike to the Meeting of the Waters. Here we see for the first time the beautiful ancient forests of Glacier National Park. We are impressed by nature! The forest is unbelievably beautiful. We see nursery trees, a variety of mushrooms and lots of different shades of green. At the Meeting of the Waters, we take a lot of a time to watch the water and listen to the rushing water that comes thundering down. At this bridge, the river Illecillewaet and the Asulkan Brook come together and form a fast flowing river.

We still have some time and decided a where we will go next. We walk over the bridge and walk to the Mount Sir Donald trail. During this part of the hike we have a lot of nice views of the Sir Donald Glacier. Then it's time to turn around and walk to the car on the Illecillewaet Campground.

This small walk gives a very good impression of the beautiful Glacier National Park. For us, this walk was the deciding factor to drive back from Revelstoke to hike the Glacier Crest Trail and the Asulkan Valley Trail. Even if you have limited time during your round trip, this small walk is well worth it! Ask the ranger in the information center on the Illecillewaet Campground before starting hiking about the bear activity along the trails in Glacier National Park.

Length: 5 km
Height difference: nil

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