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Today we drive from Waterton National Park towards Fernie. Over a distance of about 150 kilometers we come along a lot of beautiful places. The roads in Canada, especially in British Columbia are very well maintained. Most roads are two-lane roads, but there are often overtaking lanes to overtake slow traffic and trucks.

Because there is a lot to see, including Frank Slide and Crowsnest Pass, we depart early from our B & B in Waterton National Park. We drive back to the highway 3, the Crowsnest Highway. We take a small d-tour of the Crowsnest Highway to view a waterfall in the Crowsnest River. We turn off towards Lundbreck and at a campsite we park our car. We take a little walk to the Lundbreck Falls waterfalls. After a short stop to stretch our legs we drive towards the town of Lundbreck and back to the Crowsnest Highway.

We follow this road until we arrive at Frank Slide. This viewpoint can’t be missed and we park our car in the parking lot along the way. In 1903 a part of the Turtle Mountain came down on the village of Frank. During this landslide hundreds of houses, a railway and a highway were destroyed. Also a group of miners was trapped in the mine because the limestone entrance of the mine was blocked. When standing on the parking lot it is visible how much limestone came down. Also, it is amazing how far the limestone from the Turtle Mountain entered the valley. To predict another slide from the Turtle Mountain it is currently equipped with measuring equipment to monitor movements in the mountain. The landslide was partly caused by the limestone layer on top of a weaker rock layer. By freezing water in winter bigger cracks were created and probably by the mines inside the mountain a part of the Turtle Mountain has shifted. There is an information center about Frank Slide and the miners who lived in Frank during the big slide.

After we have visited the visitor center we drive towards Crowsnest Pass. During our drive over the Crowsnest Pass we stop at various parking lots along the road. We have a beautiful view of the Crowsnest Mountain and the dry prairie. We drive through the beautiful nature on along the Crowsnest Lake. At the parking lot near Crowsnest Lake we have a late lunch before we drive to Fernie. A beautiful driving day through a special part of Alberta and British Columbia we arrive late in the afternoon in Fernie. Somewhere halfway through the journey we see a sign that tells us that we should turn our clock one hour back. Today we got an extra hour! Canada has different time zones between Alberta and British Columbia, so beware if you travel through western Canada.

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