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Since the gondola at Mount Fernie Provincial Park is closed, we drive to Island Lake, just outside of Fernie. The area around Island Lake is all privately owned but publicly accessible for hiking. Over an unpaved road of about 16 km we drive at the parking lot of Island Lake in Fernie. The dirt road is good to drive an ordinary middle class.
After we put on our shoes, we leave in search of the trail. First, we want to walk a part of the Tamarack Trail walk. The Tamarack Trail is about 8 kilometers long and 600 meters uphill, but we’ll just walk to the viewing point. This saves about 300 meters of climbing and is about 4 km long. Near the Lodge we soon find the start of the walking path to the Tamarack Trail. We walk into the forest and make continuous sound to deter bears. We walk course in bear territory and the last thing we want is a bear encounter during the walk. The first part of the walk through an amazing forest is fairly flat. But then we rise up quickly through hairpin bends. The trail of the Tamarack Trail is also very well maintained and very good for walking. We walk out of the forest and walk along a scree. After the scree we walk on Tamarack Trail and at the intersection we walk to the viewpoint.

We descend a little and then have to climb a steel staircase. And then we arrive at the viewpoint on the Tamarack Trail. We were both very impressed by the view surrounding the mountains of the Island Lake Park. We have a fantastic view of the Lizard Range and Island Lake. We rest on the bench before we walk down again through the beautiful nature at Island Lake. We look at marmots, squirrels and eventually a moose dashes on the trail of the Tamarack Trail. We wait a while for the moose to run away and that allows us to walk further on Tamarack Trail. Through the beautiful woods we quickly returned to the Lodge of Island Lake.

We still have time left, so we decide the Lake and Fir Trail hike. We walk to the Shore of Island Lake, where we enjoy the beautiful nature. The Lake Trail is a small circle around Island Lake, so we walk the Fir Trail there. From the Fir Trail you can also Spin Back Trail and Mount Baldy Trail walk. But we do not have much time, so we'll stick with the Lake and Fir Trail. We had thought that the Lake and Fir Trail would be fairly flat, but there are quite a few pieces in climbing. But nature at Island Lake is really beautiful. We are both amazed glad we went to Island Lake are driven to walk. If you are near Fernie, don't miss Island Lake in any case!

Length: 5 km Tamarack Trail, 3 km Lake and Fir
Elevation: 300 m Tamarack Trail, 50 m Lake and Fir

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