Circular walk from Vresse-sur-Semois - Walking in the Ardennes

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From Hotel Le Temps des Saveurs in Paliseul drive to Vresse-sur-Semois for a nice and long walk. We park our car in a large parking lot just outside the center of the village. We put on our walking shoes and start the long walk.

We walk in the sun to the Semois and enjoy instantly the beautiful view of the Semois. This morning there are not much tourist at Vresse-sur-Semois, so we have plenty of time to have a good view of the Pont Saint-Lambert. Then we walk along the banks of the Semois further. The dirt path along the banks of the Semois turns into an asphalt road which we follow to the village of Chairière. Just before we walk in Chairière we leave the Semois and we walk back through the beautiful woods to Vresse-sur-Semois.

We leave the village of Chairière and walk on a forest road uphill. We have two choices for walking back to Vresse-sur-Semois. We can walk along the main road or along the top through the woods back. We choose option 2 and that turns out to be a good choice. We have very nice views of the Ardennes near Vresse-sur-Semois. And the descent to the village is on a very nice walking path through a beautiful forest. Along the path Marko scares a deer us who apparently did not hear us come. He sprints away into the woods.

The last part down to Vresse-sur-Semois is over a trail along a meadow with could use some prune. The branches hang occasionally a bit low. And then we are again on the banks of the Semois. Soon we cross the Pont Saint-Lambert again.

We have lunch on a bench with a great view of the Semois in Vresse-sur-Semois. We then walk on the other side of the village up again. Via an asphalt road we walk pretty fast uphill. The piece on the forest road after goes a lot slower. This forest road is much steeper. Once at the top we walk along a forest path through the incredibly beautiful forests near Vresse-sur-Semois. The walk along forest roads in the Ardennes has a disadvantage. There are generally no benches along the walkway. And that is the case here as well. Between Vresse-sur-Semois and Membre there are no benches. The walk through the forest is otherwise very nice with an occasional with nice view of the Semois.

In Membre we cross the Semois to walk back on the other side of the banks towards Vresse-sur-Semois. We walk along a campsite towards the banks of the Semois. On our topographic maps are two trails on the along the banks of the Semois, one close to the shore and a dirt road higher up. We decide to take the path along the shore but this was unsuccessful. The path is no longer maintained and is not actually passable. As soon as we can to cross to the dirt path about we climb up a little and we are glad that we are on the unmaintained path any longer.

We arrive at the village of Laforêt and we see to our delight a bench! We take a long break because we just walked 12 km consecutively. Then it is time to walk the last part of this long hike back to Vresse-sur-Semois. From Laforêt a footpath runs along the banks of the Semois to Vresse-sur-Semois through a nice forest. Over this broad path we walk along the banks of the Semois and are nearing the end of our circular walk. We cross the bridge over the Semois and end our walk on a bench along the banks of the Semois in Vresse-sur-Semois.

This very varied circular walk at Vresse-sur-Semois is very nice. It is a long walk with a lot of height difference but the views are incredibly beautiful. The walk can also to shorten by dividing it in two walks. Along the hiking trail you'll pass several villages where food and drink is available. Unfortunately there is long part of the walk where no seats are available.

Length: 19 km
Height difference: a total of approximately 300 m

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