Walking near Vencimont through forrest and along the La Houille - Walking in the Ardennes

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Our first walk of our walking weekend in March in the Ardennes of Belgium is a walk near Vencimont along the La Houille. We leave our home early and drive 3 hours to the Ardennes of Belgium. We arrive in Vencimont and park our car at the local tourist office. From here we begin our walk through the woods of Vencimont in the Ardennes in Belgium.

We walk through the village towards the forest. We walk along la Houille witch meanders nicely through the landscape. Only the walking path is at a distance of the banks of La Houille, so the view is not always beautiful. We cross the La Houille and walk on a dirt road through the forest. At the junction with the paved road we turn right and walk a little part on the road. Soon we see on our left hand site a dirt road which we walk into.

During our walk through the woods at Vencimont we notice that the leaves are almost to the trees. The anemones are already in full bloom. This makes the walk through the woods very nice. At the next paved road we turn left and at the next junction we turn right. We walk through the nice woods near Vencimont in the Ardennes in Belgium. We walk up to Sart-Custinne, but the village is small and there is not much to see. We walk to the road behind the church and walk along through the open fields to the La Houille.

During the part walking through the open fields, you have a beautiful view of the Ardennes of Belgium. Along the way we walk along a meadow full of young lambs, a sign of spring.
After a while we walk on a beautiful walkway along the banks of La Houille again in the direction of Vencimont. During this part of the walk there are several beautiful views over La Houille. Although the trail occasionally wet, it is very walkable. On the way we pass a dog head. The dog head is a rock with a clear shape of a dog lying on the ground with head raised. We then walk nicely back to Vencimont. After a nice walk we are back at the car at the tourist office in Vencimont in the Ardennes in Belgium.

The walk is a nice walk in the woods at Vencimont and along the La Houille. During the walk forest interspersed with open fields which yields many nice views. We have during the walk, however, seen no eating and drinking places, otherwise then in Vencimont. You'll have to bring food and drinks.
We loved to stay in hotel Auberge Le Temps des Saveurs in Paliseul for our weekends in the Ardennes.

Length: 14.2 km
Height difference: 150 m

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