Walking along the Trôs Marets, Bayehon and the Warche - Ardennes

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On a sunny Saturday we drive to Bévercé, near Malmedy, in the Ardennes in Belgium. We have planned a long walk, so we arrive around 9 am at La Ferme Libert, where we park our car. The circular walk goes around Xhoffraix and Longfaye along the Warche, Bayehon and the Trôs Marets.

We start to walk from La Ferme Libert towards Bévercé over a tarmac road. WE walk towards the camping site of Bévercé. The walking path starts ascending at the end of the camping area towards Chemin des Crêtes. We decides to walk the first part of the circular walk over the Chemin des Crêtes instead of walking through the valley of the Warche. By walking over the Chemin des Crêtes we have very nice view over the valley of Wache. At the end of the hiking trail of the Chemin des Crêtes we descent to the Warche. We cross the Warche using a bridge. We walk further in the direction of Lonfaye, towards Bayehon.

We take a small rest at the waterfall of Bayehon. Since it has been very dry the last month, there flows little water through the waterfall. But still the waterfall of Bayehon is a nice surprise along this long walk. We continue our walk towards Parc Naturel Des Hautes Fagnes. The walking path towards Trôs Marets is between forestry. So this means long strait tarmac roads trough Parc Naturel Des Hautes Fagnes. These roads are also used for logging activity in the area. On the Saturday before Easter it is warmer than usual and it is a pity that large areas of trees are cut down. Therefore there is little shade on the long strait roads. Luckily the wind is blowing firmly and provides some cooling. Finally we enter a part in the shade and we find a large stone to have some lunch. There are no benches in this part of the walk.

When we continue, we arrive pretty soon at Trôs Marets. Once we have seen it, it makes a lot of sense that people find this the most beautiful stream in the Ardennes in Belgium. A very beautiful, with slate, stream is parallel at the walking path. The first part of the trail is full of footbridges, but it quickly ends. The walking path is, despite the dry period, at some places very muddy. Luckily there is always a side stream to wash your shoes.

Just before the end of the walking path along Trôs Marets we cross the stream to the direction of La Ferme Libert, where we parked our car. When we arrive it is time for supper, so we enter the hostel. We eat a very large Belgium Waffle and bread with a lot of ham. After dinner, we head home again.
Our GPS takes us on a detour towards the highway. We drive along the F1 circuit Spa Franco champs. We were very glad that there wasn't a race going on, but if you want to walk this route, make sure there isn't a race.

Length: 21 km
Height difference: 650 m

Another nice walk near the Hoge Venen in the Ardennes in Belgium is a circular walk from Solwaster to Hokai, along La Hoëgne en La Statte. We have walked this one a year ago. In the winter season this region is very popular because of the ski area of Barabue Michel, which is the highest ski area of Belgium.

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