Walking though the Hertogenwoud near Ternell along Getzbach and the Hill over the High Fens - Ardennes

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Now the weather is a little better, we book a hotel near Monschau and are planning a hiking weekend in the Ardennes and the Eifel.

We leave early in the morning from home to the first walk of our walking weekend in the High Fens between Eupen (in Belgium) and Monschau (in Germany). The walk we want to walk is a walk through the Hertogenwoud from Getzbach to Hill.

We park our car early in the morning at the N67 near Ternell in the Ardennes. We are on this beautiful Saturday one of the first visitors and head on. We cross the N 67 and walk through Hertogenwoud, the first part on a tarmac road. When the tarmac road goes right, we walk straight on to a forest path. The wet summer has again left its mark. We walk on a muddy path through an enchanted forest. Soon we arrive at a gravel road and turn left towards the Getzbach. After about 3 km we turn right and cross the Getzbach on a dam. On the other side of the Getzbach we walk along the bank of the Getzbach. The track is walkable, though here and there a little muddy. We have beautiful views of the Getzbach and the environment.

At the end of the Getzbach we walk along the fields and enjoy views over the High Fens. The sun starts to shine so the temperature is pleasant for a nice walk. After about 2 km we turn right and walk back into the woods. Soon we arrive to a dirt road and at the intersection is an ideal bench for a lunch break. After a short stop we continue and turn left towards a dirt road. We follow this road 3 km, but this long straight road is extremely varied. The first part is on a dirt road, though a, by loggers, molested forest. The second part runs along the forest through tall grass. In the third piece you walk through a beautiful meadow. And the last piece is through the Königliches Torfmoor. Königliches Torfmoor is a heath field in the bog of the Fens. We both enjoy the special natural and very beautiful views.

On the other side of the Königliches Torfmoor we arrive at an tarmac road and walk towards the Hill.

The short connection road brings us to the edge of the Hill. The track is a dirt road not really near the banks of the Hill is so there are not much nice views of the Hill. We have seen a footpath near the banks of the hill, but the trail is not very visible. And high grass doesn't make walking faster. Yet it is very beautiful to walk over this path. Luckily at the end of the trail there is a little bench in the shade and we can recover from a long distance without a break.

We continue and arrive at a crossroads where we can walk towards directly towards Ternell. You will only walk a dirt road back to Ternell. We decide to walk a little bit longer and walk from the Hill to the Ternellbach. We climb along the Ternellbach up to the car park at Ternell. The Ternellbach is also a very nice stream running through the forest. After a long day of walking, we return to our car and look for the hotel in Long Man near Monschau where we have booked an overnight stay.

We really enjoyed this walk in the High Fens in the Ardennes of Belgium. The Ternellbach and the Hill and are both independent walks. Both walks can be done from the parking at Ternell. We have chosen to do a long day hike and combine the both. If you want to walk in the High Fens, this walk is highly recommended! And if you are longer in the area, have a look at the Jahrhundert Wanderung in Monschau.

Length: 22.2 km
Hight difference: about 250 m.
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