The Trout Trail in Stavelot - Walking in the Ardennes

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We sleep during this walking weekend in a hotel in Stavelot. During the preparation of this walking weekend we have seen a nice, not too long, walk at Stavelot. So after breakfast we walk over the market towards the Abbey of Stavelot. This is the starting point of the Trout walkway at Stavelot.

From the Abbey of Stavelot we walk past the sports fields along the L'ambleve. Over a dam we walk to the other side of the L'ambleve we walk on a hiking trail along the river. We pass a small bridge which 150 years ago was the start of building tourism along the L'ambleve. Stavelot is one of the most popular places in the Ardennes of Belgium, so you can say that the idea of 150 years ago was successful.

At the end of the forest path we cross the bridge and walk through the village of Challe, where we walk further on a dirt road along the L'ambleve. Along the shores of the L'ambleve we have several beautiful views over this beautiful river near Stavelot. We walk along forest paths through production forests uphill. We occasionally have nice views over L'ambleve, as from a great height. We leave the woods and walking along the open fields towards the village of Warche. Through the open fields we have a beautiful view over the Ardennes of Belgium near Stavelot. Just before Warche we take a break on a bench with a great view!

We walk under the highway and towards the hamlet Chevaufosse. From this asphalt road we have beautiful views of the Ardennes on the other side of the highway, but the stream where we wanted to walk along is far away. We now understand why there is no hiking trail along the stream, because the trail goes uphill quickly. We walk through the hamlet Chevaufosse, through the woods towards the highway again. We cross via an overpass over the highway and walk to the other side down.

We walk towards the hamlet Wavreumont where we find a bench. Here we take a break for the last part of the walk back to Stavelot. We leave the asphalt road and walk across the yard, on a dirt road, back into the woods. The path we walk on through the woods and alternately along the meadows. The park walking along the meadows we again have beautiful views of the Ardennes near Stavelot.
Just before we arrive in the village of Challe, we see hundreds of rabbit holes along the hiking trail and we see even run a few in the open field. From Challe we walk the same path back to Stavelot along the L'ambleve back to the Abbey of Stavelot.

This trout walkway at Stavelot gives a nice impression of the surrounding of Stavelot. The walk goes along the L'ambleve, through forests and along open fields. We have really enjoyed this varied walk at Stavelot. Along the trout walkway is no place to obtain food or drink. The small villages you cross are only hamlets. So take enough food and drinks yourself.

Length: about 12 km
Height difference: 150 m

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