Walking at Spa along streams and over the Malchamps - Walking in the Ardennes

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For the first hiking weekend of the year we leave late February to Spa in the Ardennes of Belgium. We have found two nice walks around Spa. Around 10 o'clock we arrive at the beginning of the walk. There is much more snow than we expected and park our car on the N62, the road between Spa and Francorchamps.

We walk along the Passerelle à la Promenade des Artistes and the Fagne the Malchamps. Through the snow we begin our walk through the forest to the Passerelle à la Promenade des Artistes. Through fun trails we descend to the town of Spa. Just when we think we are the only walkers today, there comes a group of 30 people by for a two day trip. We take a short break on a bench under a shelter. It is the first bench without a great amount of snow.

On a very beautiful trail we leave Spa and we walk through the woods on the Passerelle à la Promenade des Artistes towards the Fagne the Malchamps. The fresh snow makes walking occasional difficult, especially because there are old layer of ice underneath the snow. But we both find the walk very pretty and nice. We descend down again along the Passerelle à la Promenade des Artistes before we walk up to the Fagne the Malchamps. During the walk the ice formations in the streams are breathtaking to see.

And in fresh snow we see numerous traces of big wild living in the woods near Spa in the Ardennes.
Arriving at the Fagne the Malchamps we lost the shelter of the forest. The wind blows hard, it is snowing and the wind makes the temperature drop about 10 degrees. We have lunch at the visitor center on the terrace of of the wind. The visitor center is closed, so we can’t find shelter indoors. After our lunch we continue our hike near Spa on the deck pad. It is a big search for the path, given large layer of drifting snow on the deck pad parts. Some parts of the deck path are no longer visible and we look ahead to find an indications where to find the deck pad again. We follow the path towards the watchtower. Today we don’t climb up; there is too much wind and snow. We will return in the summer for a walk at Spa. On a forest trail we walk back to the car and go to our hotel.

The walk is very nice in the winter time. The trails are sometimes less easily seen through the snow than in the summer. But the snow, the ice formations and the forest in winter make this walk worth wale. The trails are very passable and are alternately forest roads and trails. Along the way there is an opportunity to eat and drink available at the visitor’s center. However, in the off season the tourist center is limited open.

Length: 16 km
Height: totally approximate 400 m

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