Walking near Spa through the Bois de Staneux - Hiking in the Ardennes

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We get up in the morning at the hotel and the world is even whiter than the day before. There fell about 5 cm of snow during the night. After breakfast we decide to go to the north side of Spa for another hike. We dig our car out and drive to Spa. With appropriate speed we arrive at Spa center. We park our car on a side road of the Rue Hanster on public parking.

We walk to the Bois de Staneux and rise uphill on a dirt road. From the path we have nice views of Spa and this beautiful part of the Ardennes. Although the weather is not so nice, it has at least stopped snowing. Via a steep narrow path we walk the last bit. After which we descend to a viewpoint. At the lookout, we take a break. You never know in the Ardennes when you find the next bench. And this one is covered, so there is no meter of snow on the bench.

The next part of the walk is more challenging. We have to walk down a steep mountainside over a narrow, slippery path through the snow. The goal is getting to a bridge over the stream. We suspect that the path is not often used and arrived at the bridge we know why. The bridge has collapsed and no longer passable. We have to cross the stream ourselves with a bit of climbing. The banks of the stream are quite steep, but after a few steps we are on the other side of the brook again on a hiking trail. On a wide path we walk through the Bois de Staneux at Spa. We see three deer that scared of our presence. We stand for a moment, watching the deer, before we walk through incredibly beautiful winter nature.

We must descend on the hiking trail, but the path is blocked by fallen dead trees. We are looking for the easiest way between the trees and branches and finally arrive at the hiking trail along the train track. We follow the path until we have to turn right back into the forest. There are several possibilities from here along the La Clémentine and through the Bois de Staneux at Spa to walk back to the car, but given the ice on the smaller paths, we choose to use the large forest roads back to walk through the Bois the Staneux to the car.

We walk along the winding creek La Clémentine and along a fun and a nice lake up hill. At the moment when we think we have reached the highest point, there is still a small walk up hill of about 50 meters up a steep path. We walk through a nice the valley and back to Spa. We walk past the cemetery and see a big parking where we have easily put our car as well. Behind the Thermes of Spa we take the steep winding path down back to the center of Spa. In the center we have some lunch and drive back home.

Length: 11 km
Height difference: a total of approximately 250 m

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