Circular walk at Chateau Reinhardstein and Warche - Walking in the Ardennes

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The last day of our walking weekend in Stavelot we walk a small walk to Chateau Reinhardstein and the Warche. We park our car in a large parking lot at the dam at Lake Robertville.

The weather forecast is rain, so we decided to walk a small circular hike around Chateau Reinhardstein and along Warche. We pack our backpacks and walking on a narrow path towards Chateau Reinhardstein. Through a very steep road we descend quickly. The rain last night made steep path to get very slippery, so we pay close attention to that we do not slip. Unfortunately, the trail on the other side of the little valley immediately goes steep uphill. We arrive on a larger forest trail where we walk along a cut down piece of forest. The advantage of this cut down forest is, that the Chateau Reinhardstein very beautiful visible.

On the Nez de Napoleon we have a nice view of the area of the Warche at Chateau Reinhardstein. Through beautiful nature we walk on the dirt road to the shore of the Warche. On the dirt road we pass a waterfall that flows over the trail. We enjoy the anemones and the fresh green leaves of the forest.
After the descent varied with incredibly beautiful views we stand on the banks of the Warche. We have a small mud path to conquer and arrive at the bridge where we cross the Warche. We have walked through here once before and remember the bench. On the same bench we take a break before we cross the Warche again and walk uphill.

Along a nice stream we walk on a wide path uphill. We arrive at a crossroads where we can walk to the Chateau Reinhardstein, but we like walk back to the dam, so we turn left. In a couple of windings we walk up a steep section and suddenly we have a beautiful view of Chateau Reinhardstein. Along a cut down forest we walk the parking lot of the Chateau Reinhardstein. We cross the road and take a small path up to the larger hiking trail from the dam to the Chateau Reinhardstein. We cross the dam in the rain and quickly walk to the parking lot where we shelter under a small roof.

This short circular walk to Chateau Reinhardstein and Warche is very nice. Nature is beautiful and the trail is very alternate. You walk through the woods, along parts with stunning views and along the Warche. For those who have more time hiking the hike is expanding quite easily.
Length: 5 km
Height difference: about 100 m

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