Circular walk from Orchimont - Walking in the Ardennes

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During our stay at Hotel Le Temps des Saveurs in Paliseul we leave after breakfast towards Orchimont for a circular walk. We park in the village center at the bakery which looks like a parking. It is Sunday and the people who walk to church, say nothing, so we guess it is alright to our car there. It's cold, so we quickly pull our hiking boots and head of hiking. We walk out of the village and walking on a dirt road in the woods.

We walk on a dirt road along a small stream through this beautiful forest near Orchimont. We hope to see wildlife, but unfortunately have not seen deer today. Along the way we get some Sunday hikers also a walk through the forest on this cold day. Near a bench, we have to run left uphill, but we don’t see the hiking trail. We see something of what could have been a little bridge, so we try to avoid the mud and cross the little stream. A little further up the trail we see better. So we walk straight up the mountain. Then we end up in a piece of cut down forest. Again, the hiking trail is not really visible and we walk on our GPS to the paved road.

We walk a little part along the paved road and then we turn right. We walk along an old forest road to a very nice walkway with beautiful views over this part of the Ardennes near Orchimont. Along the edge we walk back to Orchimont. Just outside the village we take a break on a bench with a very nice view of Orchimont in Belgium.

Nonetheless, we are in Orchimont but our walk is not over yet. We walk on the main road to Nafraiture. We walk past the local cemetery and leave Nafraiture again. On a dirt road we walk back through the woods towards Orchimont. We cross an asphalt road again and walk through a very small village. The station seems closed for years and the village has no more than a handful of houses. After the village we turn left again walk through beautiful forests back to Orchimont. The forest is varied and there is a nice stream flowing through the forest. The walk meets exactly what you expect in the Belgian Ardennes.

This nice walk in Orchimont is a varied walk. The walk goes large areas of asphalt, but the forests and streams make this walk worthwhile. The open fields provide during this hike beautiful views of the surroundings Orchimont. The forests are ranging spruce and beech trees. And the small streams are beautiful and fun to walk along. Nafraiture and Orchimont are the only places on this circular walk where food and drink is available. Always take enough food and drink yourself for the walk.

Length: 16 km
Height difference: A total of about 250 meters

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