Walking along the Ninglinspo and Chefna - Ardennes

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In early December they predict nice weekend weather. For us it is the perfect opportunity to book a hotel in Aywaille and drive to the Ardennes in Belgium. So Saturday morning, the alarm is set early, and after breakfast we leave at 7 am towards Belgium. Around 9 o’clock we arrive in the parking in Noncèveux for the walk along the Ninglinspo and Chefna.

For the most part of the walk we follow the blue rectangle route along the Ninglinspo. After a short asphalt part we arrive at the Ninglinspo. Across the Ninglinspo are several bridges in the form of large, flattened stumps. Some of these bean stumps have a handrail, some not. After all the rains in November, all stumps after a very wet and frost also makes them very slippery. After we have tried a few bridges, we decide to look for a crossing in the Ninglinspo and forget crossing the bridges.
We walk along the path through the valley of the Ninglinspo. The track is at some parts not very good, so sometimes we climb over rocks sow we don’t have to walk through the water. This makes the walk along the Ninglinspo fun and challenging. We leave the Ninglinspo and walk along the production forests to the highest point of the walk.

We walk on a forest road towards the second tributary of the Amblève, Chefna. Here we walk on a forest trail back down. We see half way down an exit for a red walk that runs along the banks of the Chefna. But given our experience with the log bridges we decide to walk the forest path. If we had done the walk in the summer, we certainly would have taken the red trail down along the banks of the Chefna. But Chefna is narrower and deeper, creating a river crossing harder. Also here are the logs frozen and the last thing we want is to fall into the water.

When we almost arrive at the main road, we relax on a bench in the sun. After some discussion we decide to walk a bigger round walk. We want to walk back along the top of the hill to the parking lot. We walk a short distance along the main road, the N633, and cross at a bridge over the railway. We walk over the bridge over the Amblève toward the castle. In the Ardennes it has been raining a lot lately. The trail is under water and up the trail has become a river. When we walk up we meet some foresters picking up their wood. After the highest point we walk through the forest back to Noncèveux. The last part, we walk through the village, crossing the Amblève and walk along the road back to the parking lot for the walk along the Ninglinspo.

The walk along the Ninglinspo is a nice walk to walk. The walk is varied in nature and environment. Here and there the path is a challenge to walk. Some hiking experience is certainly desirable. With frost and moisture in the wood bridges can be very slippery. Waterproof shoes with good tread are certainly necessary. Eating and drinking can’t be bought along the way, you’ll have to bring your own.

Length: 15.6 km
Height difference: 300 meter and again 150 m.

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