Circular walk from Lesse to Oûr - Walking in the Ardennes

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During our walking weekend from Le Temps des Saveurs in Paliseul drive to Lesse. Lese is a small hamlet in the Ardennes of Belgium on the banks of the Lesse. We park at a picnic spot along the banks of the Lesse and put on our walking shoes. We start the walk by walking up along the main road. We turn left on a dirt road and walk into the woods at Lesse in the Ardennes in Belgium.

After a nice walk through the woods near Lesse we arrive at the banks of the Lesse. Two years ago we walked along the Lesse near Lesse as well at and we are both happy to be here again. We cross at the bridge over the Lesse and both enjoy the lovely views. The first part of the trail goes along the banks of the Lesse where we walked once already. But we don’t mind walking here again. This beautiful part of the trail is a nice small path right along the shore, so there are plenty of beautiful views of the Lesse. Also, the nature around the Lesse near Lesse at is very beautiful.

We follow the Lesse and walk along this beautiful stream through the beautiful forests. This walk has everything a hiker wants. Al meandering through the countryside we arrive in the small village of Oûr. But the small village of Oûr has little to offer so we leave the village and walk back in the direction of Lesse. Through the open fields with beautiful views we walk back to the Lesse. We see the path where we just walked around on the other side of the Lesse. In an open meadow, we look for a stone where we can have a beak. During the entire walk so far we haven’t seen a bench or an opportunity to sit for a while. On one big stone half in the water we have a long break before we continue walking along the Lesse. Through the incredibly beautiful forests we walk on the dirt road back to Lesse. In the parking lot we cross the Lesse again and see there the only bench of the entire walk.

The area surrounding the at Lesse near Lesse is incredible beautiful. The trails are varied and fun on a walk on. The alternation of the Lesse with woods and open fields makes this walk nice to walk. Along the way, however there are no benches and places to buy food or drink. So take yourselves enough food and drinks.

Length: 17 km
Height difference: a total of approximately 250 m

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