Walking along La Hoëgne and La Statte - Ardennes

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Early in the morning we leave our home and drive to Belgium. Our destination of the day is Solwaster, a township near the E 42, which is the start of our walk.
The parking is not well indicated and it takes us a while to find a very small bleu parking sign. We start our walk in the direction of La Statte. At first we follow the marked trail with the bleu rectangle. The path along the La Statte is slowly climbing towards the Hoge Venen. The trail is nicely following and crossing the water. The path is easy to walk, but there are a lot of puddles in the path. WE cross a stone bridge and follow the trail on the other side into the forest. We cross a tarmac road as we leave the forest. The bench besides the trail is a nice place to rest. After a short rest we continue our walk into the forest. After this forest we arrive on an abandoned tarmac road which we follow for quite a while. We find an American War Memorial near the Hoge Venen. Passing the War Memorial, it takes us a while to find the path. Our GPS indicates that there is a hiking trail, but due to logging activities, the path is destroyed. We decide tot take a different path and walk at the edge of the Hoge Venen along an open space. We follow a mountain bike trail in the direction of La Hoëgne. The path along the La Hoëgne is more popular than the path along the La Statte. The walking trail is well maintained with footbridge and parts or the trail are covert with stones to make the trail better accessible. And there are a lot more hikers along this route. The descending hike is really nice. Through the La Hoëgne flows a lot of water and due to the height difference there are a lot of small waterfalls.

We are descending and arrive at a pick nick area. We pick a bench and enjoying the view. After a short break we walk further along the La Hoëgne towards the parking lot where most hikers start their walk. But we have parked our car in Solwaster, so we have to walk back on a mean steep dirt road. The last part of the walk we nicely walk between meadows in the direction of Solwaster. We end our walk at the car and drive back home.

Length: approximate 18 km.
Height difference: approximate 300 m.

It is a very nice walk, but due to logging activities is the trail less visible. The walks along the La Statte and the La Hoëgne can be done as independent hikes. In that case you start at the bottom, go to the end and walk the same way back. There is no place to buy food and drink, so bring your own.

If you have an extra day in the Ardennes, please have a look at the hike Trôs Marets, Bayehon en de Warche, at Malmedy. This is also a very nice walk at the Hoge Venen in the Ardennes.

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