Walking in the woods near Harre - Ardennes

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After breakfast in hotel Hostellerie Villa Des Roses in Aywaille depart for Harre for a walk in the woods at Harre. Soon we reach the parking lot of the walk. It was really cold so we quickly set off.

We run an asphalt road up along the houses of the village. We are just on the dirt road when we turn left. Because of the rain the forest is transformed into a water ballet. We walk through the meadow along the path not having to walk through the puddles. We follow the road until we reach an asphalt road. We follow a short distance until we right back to walk into the woods. Immediately afterwards we turn left and follow this path. The forest in which we walk is very nice just the path ruined by foresters and the rain of recent times.
At the next junction we keep right. The track log that we have with us sends us left the woods, but here it is a private forest. So we decide to walk around the forest. We also have a nice view of the surroundings of the walk. The dirt road becomes an asphalt road and we walk a little bit along some buildings. Soon we turn right and walk back on the dirt road. We need to cross a brook which the rain has created on the trail.

Soon we arrive in one part production forest where there are a lot of private forests or private roads signs on it. We try to walk on the public forest roads. Eventually we manage to walk around the privit roads and we no longer run into private property signs. We walk a bit along a very nice stream. This stream is the lowest point of the walk, so from here we only walk up.

The last part it is occasionally quite hard find the trail. Some roads are very bad or quite overgrown. There is even a stretch where the trail is completely destroyed by foresters. Here we look a little higher up the hill to find a passage between the trees. Fortunately, the part is not long and we quickly find ourselves again in on a forest road. Here we turn left and walk back up to the parking lot.

This hike is certainly not the best hike we have walked in the Ardennes. The walk is a nice walk in the woods. But due to the rain and foresters the paths and roads were very bad. You also don’t need to be afraid to ignore private property signs. We have tried to walk around them all, but we couldn’t avoid them all. You should also like to find your own path through the woods occasionally in the surrounding Harre.

Length: 16.2 km
Altitude: 300 m ascending and descending.

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